Akothee’s Sarcastic Response to Claims of Trafficking Kenyan Girls to Saudi Arabia

September 8, 2022

Akothee has responded in sarcastic and hilarious style to allegations that she is the ring leader of a supposed trafficking syndicate sending Kenyan girls to the Middle East.

The claims come in the wake of the heartbreaking story of Diana Chepkemoi, who suffered while working as a house manager for one of the Royal families in Saudi Arabia.

Fortunately for Chepkemoi, she managed to escape her hellish employer, whom she says unleashed his wrath on the first day she reported to work.

“He told me that I had no choice but to do what was right because there was nowhere I could go because he had bought me until my contract ended. He said that if I tried anything cheeky he would go ahead and make sure that I am jailed,” Chepkemoi said after she arrived back home.

Chepkemoi’s story sparked a comment from a netizen who linked Akothee to the business of sending girls to Saudi Arabia.

“So Akothee is the ring leader of sending girls to suffer in Saudi Arabia. So much for “empowering women”. Thought Akothee’s rich lifestyle comes from her music. Kumbe there is so much that happens behind the scenes? So shameful,” the netizen wrote.

Akothee, who is not facing these allegations for the first time, employed sarcasm to rubbish her accuser.

“SEND DCI TO ARREST ME ‼️ Wacha kupiga kele social media. Yes, you are very right, there is no money in music. And I must maintain this rich lifestyle. Muzungus, Illuminati and prostitution alone can’t pay my bills, girls must suffer for me to pay my bills. I, not only export girls, but I also export grandparents and families suffering in the village. Get yours a passport and you are on the next plane,” Akothee wrote.

She added: “I will google where Saudi Arabia is so I start making trips there. I think I have visited Dubai twice and I don’t even like it myself 🤣looks like there is a lot of money there.”

“I think I have visited Dubai twice, & I don’t even like it myself 🤣looks like there is a Lot of money there. In the meantime CHOOSE A STRUGGLE. I am not the government neither do I have solutions for Kenyans. Did you see me on a ballot box? Bulsjit. Deal with your hunger. I EXPORT PEOPLES’ CHILDREN TO SAUDI ARABIA and EXPORT MY OWN TO EUROPE 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Call police KENYANS SHOULD START HASHTAG #ARRESTAKOTHEE.” the singer concluded.

The mother of five added another longer post, telling fans to believe everything that is said about her, given the many accusations she has faced in the limelight.


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