This is What Kenyans Thought of Githongo After Supreme Court Verdict

September 7, 2022

Among the people who came out with their reputations tarnished following the Supreme Court verdict on Monday, was John Githongo.
The former anti-corruption czar was one of the people who submitted affidavit evidence to the court, in support of nullifying the election.

Initially, Githongo had submitted logs showing how IEBC servers were hacked into and results changed. After multiple IT experts called him out on social media, he changed tune and said that the logs were actually a ‘demo’ of how it could have been done.

“The same are screen grabs commonly known as screenshots and are not actual logs but screenshots,” Githongo said.

He added that Raila had nothing to do with the logs, saying,  “It is not true that the petitioner (Raila) has falsified logs. The logs annexed to my affidavit filed in court on August 21, 2022 are the exact logs that were given to me by the young man referred in my affidavit therein and therefore the logs did not originate from myself or the Azimio coalition leader Raila Odinga but from the said aforesaid young man. One cannot falsely something that has been availed to them by someone else.”

He however did not disown the logs, saying that ‘he stood by them’.

On Monday, Chief Justice Martha Koome reserved some of the harshest criticism for Githongo, saying that the logs were possibly falsified.

“The content of the affidavit of John Mark Githongo, which may contain forgeries, is also dismissed for not meeting the evidential threshold,” CJ Koome said.

As a person who made his name for fighting against corruption and integrity in government, Kenyans were clearly not amused by this behavior.

Here are some of the reactions.

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