Why Wa Jesus Family Lent Millions to Political Aspirant

August 17, 2022

YouTube content creators Kabu and Milly wa Jesus have revealed they lent millions of cash to a close political aspirant for campaigns.

While they did not reveal the identity of the aspirant, the Wa Jesus couple disclosed they gave the aspirant Sh7 million.

They also noted that the aspirant has since won the seat they were vying for.

“The person is a close friend to us and they have started paying back the money. They won the election,” Kabi said.

Milly added that they believed in the friend and their leadership skills and that’s why they entrusted the friend with the amount of money.

The Wa Jesus family added that the friend would still have paid back the money if they had lost.

“They have ever helped us before in so many ways and we believed in them. If they lost the elections, they would have paid our money back,” Kabi said.

The YouTubers also spoke about how the Election had affected some of their plans. Kabi, who is putting up a house for his mother-in-law, said some of their workers stopped going to the site.

“We had also planned to move out from our current house but we had to postpone that,” he said.

“I had a birthday surprise for my wife but I could not hold it and by now, we would also have unveiled our daughter to our fans.”

His message to Kenyans?

“Kenya is bigger than all of us and it is a pity that people are not going back to work due to a process where some leaders are looking for jobs.”

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