Why Kabi wa Jesus Postponed Political Aspirations

August 31, 2022

Content creator Kabi Wa Jesus was set to be among the 16,259 aspirants who contested for 1882 elective positions in the recently-concluded General Election.

The popular influencer however put his political ambitions on ice to develop a more concrete strategy.

“I wanted to vie but I was advised by older people not to rush. They gave me a strategy and that is what we are working on,” Kabi said.

“I look at politics from a leadership perspective. I want to influence decisions and legislation. I want to bring the Godly aspect into the political world.”

Meanwhile, Kabi wa Jesus says he is currently working with over 100 brands.

The influencer mentioned that some of the brands are now able to pay him well.

“We lifted the humble brands and right now they can pay us well. The only big brand we worked with is Bonfire,” he said.

In a month, the least we can work with is 30 brands, but in peak season, there are even more.”

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