Ruto Assures Western He Will Fulfill Every Promise Made to Mudavadi, Wetangula

August 30, 2022

Musalia Mudavadi will be the Prime Cabinet Minister whereas Bungoma Senator Moses Wetang’ula will be National Assembly Speaker, President-elect William Ruto has assured Kenya Kwanza supporters in Western.

After his visit to Kiambu last week, Ruto said he deliberately chose to visit Bungoma next for the “overwhelming” votes he got in the county.

“We invited ourselves here today to fellowship with the good people of Bungoma and say thank you for voting for us and thanking God for the victory. You, the people of Bungoma, opened a new chapter in our political path that now gives no room for retrogressive politics of hatred and tribe,” said Ruto.

According to Wetangula, the presidential poll was won and lost in Bungoma. Ruto scooped 255,906 votes against Raila’s 145,280.

In the whole of Western, Ruto managed  629, 552 votes compared to the 242,000 votes UhuruRuto got in 2017.

It is for this reason that Ruto assured his supporters in Western that he will fulfill his promises to their regional kingpins.

“I also want to thank Luhya leaders, led by Wetang’ula and Musalia, for joining my team to bring home victory and I want to assure all that every promise we made we shall fulfill. As we move forward, Mr Musalia shall be our Chief Minister, who will mobilise all the resources that will take Kenya ahead,” he said.

“We are setting a new standard in our politics for ourselves and others; that we are a mature democracy and that we can vote and go back to work the next day. That is the new standard and we are proud of it, collectively, as the people of Kenya. Let us maintain that standard as we wait for the Supreme Court,” Ruto added.

The president-elect also expressed confidence that the Apex court will uphold his win.

“Bribery, intimidation, and blackmail did not sway the voters. They did not sway the IEBC. We are confident that the same will not sway our courts. The courts have shown independence in the past. We have confidence in them. I want to say we will build the independence of the courts so they can guarantee the rights of everybody no matter where they come from, the religion they profess, or the political party they belong to,” he said.

“We have God and the people. If we did not have God, then these guys would have already overrun us. IEBC has set a new standard for our independent institutions. Let us tell the truth. If there is a transparent election that has been held in Kenya, it is the one on August 9,” Ruto added.

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