Tanasha Celebrates After Dodging a Playboy, “I thought he likes me too”

August 31, 2022

Singer Tanasha Donna is thanking God after she dodged a potential heartbreak from a man she was interested in.

Donna narrated that she was in Europe when she discovered that the man she had the hots for had a girlfriend.

Apparently, he was trending on Twitter and Tanasha saw his photos with his model girlfriend.

“I thought he likes me too. He asked me if I am in a relationship I am like ‘no I am not in a relationship’. I asked if he is in a relationship he is like ‘no I am single’…like what?. So yesterday I go on Twitter and this guy is trending and I am wondering why is this guy trending you know,” Tanasha recounted.

“So I go on Twitter and is full of pictures and videos of this guy with this other girl, very pretty girl she is a model. But they are holding hands and everything. They are vibing and I was like ‘yo this nigga just a few days ago just told me that he is single’. So for me, I am just like ‘oh my God, why do you guys lie? Why do you guys lie? I’m really trying to figure that sh*t out you know.”

The ‘Radio’ singer declined to reveal the identity of her love interest.

“That’s so funny, I’m not gonna tell you who he is you guys. But I thought like sharing you know. And for me I was just like damn. Damn ngga you was out here holding my hands like few days ago look at you now. Ohh my gosh this is so funny. Good news I found out now. Can you imagine like if we continued vibing and what not and I came to find out this sht later? Or if I was in Kenya I wouldn’t have seen the trends that were trending her so… this guy would have played me.

“Thank you God. He tried messaging me and what not I have not really responded to his messages, I don’t know if I should confront the situation or just stay silent. I am the type of girl that goes silent and ghost on you like you never going to hear from me again,” Ms Donna proclaimed.

Sounds a lot like story za jaba if you ask me. You either show receipts or it didn’t happen.

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