Raburu Admits Gym Work Didn’t Work, Turned to Gastric Bypass Surgery To Lose Weight

August 25, 2022

Popular media personality Willis Raburu has turned to gastric bypass surgery in his bid to lose weight.

The Citizen TV presenter, who has been documenting his weight loss journey for the longest time, admitted that hitting the gym did not work out, despite working with good fitness trainers.

Raburu said he opted for gastric bypass since it offers a long-lasting solution and has improved his discipline in his quest for fitness.

“I did it at Nairobi Bariatric and enjoying the process,” he said.

The ‘Big Man Bazu’ mentioned he decided to publicly share his weight loss journey and the medical procedure he underwent to destigmatise weight loss treatment.

“I would like to debunk the fact that weight loss treatment is like almost taboo in this country yet it’s so effective. And insurance companies can help facilitate it, it’s a journey towards a healthier nation,” he said.

According to the ’10 over 10′ TV presenter, gastric bypass surgery is more effective as it helps reduce the amount of food that one consumes.

Raburu explained why gym work didn’t work for him; “I respect people who go to the gym, it really is a lot of work. I would lose weight, and at times I would gain some weight so by the time I was going for the surgery I was not doing well,” he said.

Willis said he would share more details about his full experience with gastric bypass surgery.

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