Jalang’o Hands Over YouTube Channel, To Launch New One as Lang’ata MP

August 17, 2022

The popular YouTube channel ‘Jalang’o TV’ will no longer be run and hosted by its founder and owner, comedian Felix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o.

The former Kiss FM radio presenter has relinquished the channel following his election as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Lang’ata constituency.

Speaking on the channel, Jalang’o handed over ‘Jalang’o TV’ to his four employees as he prepares to take up more duties as a legislator.

The first-time MP asked his team to form their own content-creation company, from which they will remit a small percentage of their earnings to Jalang’o.

Hii channel sasa nataka doh iskuwe inaenda kwa account yangu. I want you to form your company so that you can take the channel. Every month mtakuwa mnanilipa 20 per cent of what you earn.

“Sasa hii nimewaachia nyinyi muendelee. Mtafutee ma interviews na mfanye mambo mingi kwa sababu mimi pahali naenda ntakuwa busy sana,” Jalang’o said.

The radio personality at the same time mentioned he will set up another channel while in Parliament. He teased that it would be better than Jalang’o TV.

“Lakini hata huko naenda kufungua mpya. Channel ingine hatari. Mtashangaa, itapita hata hii yenyu. Chukueni kazi kama yenyu. Mform company yenyu nyinyi wanne mniletee tuandikie watu wa Google wa-change,” Jalas added.

Jalango TV currently boasts 574K subscribers and over 59 million views.

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