EACC Calls For Integrity Clubs in Schools To Curb Future Graft

August 31, 2022

The Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission (EACC) has called on all learning institutions in Kenya to establish Integrity Clubs as platforms for fostering integrity among students.

The commission made the announcement during a joint forum of Integrity Clubs drawn from over 20 secondary schools in Kisii, Migori, Nyamira, and Homabay counties on August 28, 2022.

The forum which was held at Kisii High School brought together students and integrity club patrons from the four counties to share experiences and best practices in the promotion of ethical conduct among learners.

EACC Director of Preventive Services Vincent Okong’o, who represented CEO Twalib Mbarak, noted that schools with an Integrity Club had a marked improvement in discipline.

“The introduction of Integrity Clubs in schools has greatly improved discipline among learners which is a prerequisite for excellence in academic performance. EACC is aware that schools with active Integrity Clubs have registered low levels of strikes, theft, drug use and other forms of indiscipline among students,” Okong’o said.

The EACC said Integrity Clubs are a good way of securing a corrupt free country in the future, further noting that corruption and other social ills are perpetrated by people who may be intellectually endowed but morally handicapped.

“The youth are key stakeholders in the fight against corruption as they are vibrant, innovative and untainted by corruption. Society hardly provides enough role models and as a result, the youth rely on social media and their peers for guidance on issues affecting them. This exposes them to wrong advice which may lead to undesirable behaviour,” said the EACC Director of Preventive Services.

Okong’o said the anti-graft commission expects all schools in Kenya to establish and operationalize Integrity Clubs in accordance with the Ministry of Education Circular issued in 2010 on the advice of EACC.

According to EACC, Integrity Clubs help to identify ethical dilemmas affecting youth and how to resolve them; build character, nurture appropriate values and positive attributes among the youth; enhance learners’ knowledge of ethics and integrity thus promoting ethical behaviour in schools; empower youth to advocate for good governance as means of combating corruption; rekindle in the youth the spirit of patriotism; promote a culture of hard work with integrity and encouraging unwavering compliance to stipulated regulations; encourage youth to be self-directed, focused and responsible.

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