Benjamin Zulu: A Man Should Not Have A Direct Interaction With House Help

August 22, 2022

Self-proclaimed life coach and counselling psychologist Benjamin Zulu says there should be boundaries between a married man and his househelp.

Speaking on Citizen TV, Zulu said it should be the work of the wives to handle matters related to house helps as they have the “power to hire and fire” them.

“A househelp should be the wife’s assistant and not the husband because the wife is the one with the power to hire and fire. She should be the one to give instructions on the house chores to be done,” he said.

Coach Zulu said the man of the house should not engage in direct relations with the house helps as there would be no respect between them.

“There should be no direct interaction with the man of the house because of the authority he holds in a home and there should be a certain distance of respect.”

Zulu also mentioned that couples should help house helps if they show an interest in improving themselves.

“Being a house help is nobody’s dream job. Life circumstances cause them to look for such jobs and they are using it as an avenue to step into their next level. Do not restrain them. If they want to go to college help them. Someone who has a vision to move forward will help you.” 

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