Anerlisa Explains Why She Left Nairobi and Moved in With Parents

August 24, 2022

Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai has since moved from Nairobi and relocated to Nakuru, where she is living with her parents.

Anerlisa relocated to Nakuru earlier this year after moving out of her house in Lavington. She also sold her pricey Range Rover Velar which she bought in 2019.

In May, auctioneers had tried to gain entry into her home in an attempt to obtain her property over an alleged debt of Sh3,399,148.45.

Anerlisa would later be seen furnishing a new house with her boyfriend, sparking reports that she had found a new house.

But Anerlisa has moved to debunk these reports saying she was just helping her boyfriend furnish his new house.

“Why do bloggers like lying though…Who said I found a new house? I think I made it clear that I was helping my boyfriend to furnish his new place,” Anerlisa responded to a report by those other bloggers.

The businesswoman added that she is comfortable living with her parents.

“I am still living with my parents until I feel comfortable finding my own place,” Anerlisa wrote.

She also explained why she decided to move to Nakuru, with a section of internet users speculating that it was a move to evade the auctioneers and protect her assets.

Others were of the opinion that her move was a result of her family business tax wrangles with the taxman.

But according to Anerlisa, she moved to Nakuru for peace.

“Some asked me why I decided to move and live in Nakuru but truth is, Nakuru is peaceful. Peace is the new me,” Anerlisa wrote.

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