Singer Madini Classic Ready To Double Pritty Vishy Bride Price

July 15, 2022

Content creator Pritty Vishy may have just found a suitor willing to meet her bride price.

The former girlfriend of singer Stevo Simple Boy earlier this year capped her dowry at Ksh2 million, saying she’s quite the catch.

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And now, a worthy suitor has emerged in the form of musician Madini Classic.

Over the last week, Pritty Vishy and Madini have been teasing their fans on social media with photos of themselves hanging out together.

“Look at my baby can yours even🤗🥰 When I see him ni goosebumps tu unapendqa zdaddy💖❤” Pritty Vishy captioned a photo of the singer.

While the two are clearly riding on a publicity stunt, Madini Classic says he loves Vishy and has the money to double her bride price.

“Izi pekeake izi ni io pesa bro… So kama natembea na 2 million kwa shingo, za kumpea tu yaani ni kama sweet to nanunua kwa duka, ata nitaongeza itakua 4 million,” Madini said while flaunting his jewelry.

Madini Classic also disclosed what he admires about Pritty Vishy.

“She’s real na kwa macho yangu she’s so beautiful and napenda bidii yake na pia izo time nimekua naye wajua mimi nasoma  mwanamke kwa behaviours zake tukikutana na watu wengi  place kuna watu wengi anajua kuji handle na pia anaheshimawajua mwanamke akikuheshimu ni kila kitu,” he said.

The ‘Bingo Bango’ hitmaker also denied their relationship is a publicity stunt saying they have been dating for two weeks after talking for two months.



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