Otile Brown Denies Conning Female Fan Sh70K

July 13, 2022

Otile Brown has come out to deny allegations that he swindled one of his fans out of Sh70,000.

Taking to Instagram Stories, the Mapenzi Hisia said a fan reached out to him asking to be reimbursed a sum of Sh 70,000.

Otile Brown said he is a God-fearing man who doesn’t even know how to con people.

“I cannot con a fan, where would I even start? How can I con a woman money, especially one that’s a fan? I am a God-fearing man and there are some things I would never do. I have been blessed enough not to go around conning people, not just women but men as well,” the singer wrote.

Brown also noted he would not jeopardise his reputation for a mere Sh70,000.

“God has blessed me enough that I can provide for myself every day. If you have been conned, I suggest you follow up with the authorities instead of accusing people falsely. There’s another person who insulted me the other day saying I had conned her Sh 70,000,” he said.

“How can I jeopardize my reputation for Sh 70,000?” he posed.

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