Kamene Responds To Stivo Simple Boy’s Romance Offer

July 26, 2022

Radio personality Kamene Goro has politely turned down romantic advances from celebrity singer Stivo Simple Boy.

The ‘Heshimu Ndoa’ hitmaker poured his heart out on Kiss TV, saying the Kiss FM radio presenter is his celebrity crush.

Stivo Simple Boy Kamene Goro has all the qualities he is looking for in a woman, including her curvaceous “assets”, otherwise known to the singer as Ngongingo.

“Kamene amebeba ngongingo. Kamene mimi nimedata kwako, njoo kwa Stivo Simple Boy nitakupatia mapenzi simple simple na mambo itakuwa welo welo. Nimeskia mtu wako hana mifupa, Kamene wachana na mtu hana mifupa, njoo kwangu me niko na mifupa,” Stivo shot his shot.

But speaking on her breakfast show, Kamene Goro said Stivo is not her type. She mentioned that she received many messages about Stivo’s love offer.

“I woke up in the morning and my phone was just buzzing out of control. I opened WhatsApp and I had been tagged in different groups. I was like ‘who died?’ Then I saw Stivo Simple Boy has professed his love for me,” she said.

Kamene noted she is a fan of Stivo and may have even considered his proposal before she started dating tall guys.

“I am Stivo’s biggest fan but let it just remain there brother. He is not really my type. He is not my type. Maybe he was my type back in the day but for now, no, I like them very tall nowadays,” Kamene said.


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