I Never Said Esther Musila is my Sugar Mummy: Guardian Angels Tells Off Trolls

July 6, 2022

Guardian Angel has rubbished claims that his wife Esther Musila bankrolls his lifestyle.

In an interview on Radio Jambo this past weekend, the award-winning musician insisted that he pays his own bills.

Guardian Angel nonetheless indicated he would have no problem depending on his wife, saying their marital affairs should not be anyone’s business.

“Kama hivi ndo kuwekwa acha niwekwe milele wacha niwekwe zaidi,” he said.

“Because kama nimewekwa hata sifai kupost anything ya the lady I’m purported to be with? I have never said that she is my sugar mummy secondly, I have never lived in her house, it is her who came to my house.

“Hajawai lipa any bills kwa nyumba yangu mimi ndo najilipia. Na kama mtu anahisi hio ndo kuwekwa basi iko tu sawa. Si mimi ndo nawekwa, wewe unawashiwa nini?” Guardian Angel posed.

Esther Musila on her part noted that trolls have always been on their case with false claims since they got married.

“I wonder what people think and the thing is they come with all sorts of things without knowing the truth. Mimi nasemanga hao ni idle people, wajibambe mimi I’m enjoying my life,” she said.

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