Winnie Odinga Has Three Therapists, One For Daddy Issues

June 24, 2022

Winnie Odinga has opened up about how the death of her brother Fidel Odinga sunk her into depression, requiring her to seek therapy.

The lastborn daughter of Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga recalled that she initially never cried after Fidel passed away on January 4, 2015.

Winnie Odinga said she finally broke down Fidel’s casket was being lowered into the grave.

“When he died I didn’t cry I just started crying like when we were now burying him. But then you know when you are doing a funeral process watu wako wengi and you are just there…

“There is just so much going on you just don’t feel it. It’s after that body goes in and you just there with your family, that’s when you feel it. And that’s really the time guys really enter depression and things like that,” she told Mwafreeka Mwaf on his YouTube podcast.

Winnie said she is still traumatized by Fidel’s death and that she’s currently seeing three therapists.

The 32-year-old disclosed that each therapist serves a different purpose.

“I went through the worst depression after he died. And that’s when I started like… My sister-in-law took me she said like you have to meet this person – a therapist.

“That’s when I started seeing a therapist you know believing in stuff like that, talking about it. Now I have three.

“I have three but I don’t tell them the whole story. One guy I will talk relationships, the other one daddy issues the other one what… So not everybody knows the full story but yeah,” she said.

While we may never know about these daddy issues, Winnie Odinga in a past interview disclosed that she hates the attention that comes with being Raila’s daughter.

“No. I hate it(the attention). It holds me back. I can’t get to have a private life and taking pictures the whole time is not quite what I consider having a good time,” she said a few years ago.

“I love to live for the moment, talking to new people and appreciating nice vibes. However, I love being my father’s daughter. Nobody gets me like he does.”

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