VIDEO: Ringtone Wails in Court Recounting Robert Alai Rungu Attack

June 24, 2022

Ringtone appeared to pull out all the stops to ensure he got justice in his assault case against blogger Robert Alai.

The hearing of the case resumed Thursday after it was adjourned in May. Alai had been charged with causing grievous harm to Ringtone following a road rage incident on July 23, 2021, along Cotton Road in Kilimani.

The blogger denied the assault charge and a second count of damaging Ringtone’s windscreen, valued at Sh416,000.

Alai was then released on a cash bail of Sh300,000 or Sh1 million bond.

When the case resumed Thursday, Ringtone took the stand and told Kibera Senior Principal Magistrate Monicah Maroro how Alai assaulted him.

The controversial gospel singer was overwhelmed with emotion and were it not for his face mask, his tears would have been clear for all to see.

With his voice breaking and shaking, Ringtone narrated how Robert Alai smashed the windscreen of his prized Range Rover three times using a wooden club(Rungu).

Ringtone said the first hit only managed to break the screen. The second hit penetrated the screen while the third strike hit him on the right side of his face and neck.

The singer also made sure that the magistrate knew what Alai told him while attacking him.

“He didn’t just attack me silently, your honor. He assaulted me while saying ‘Ringtone I’ll kill you’,” the singer testified.

The hearing continues.

Here’s a video of Ringtone Testifying against Robert Alai. Video and photos courtesy of SPM Buzz/Instagram.

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