Wajackoyah Tells Off Church Leaders, “Kenya Doesn’t Belong To You”

June 22, 2022

Presidential aspirant Prof George Wajackoyah has responded in kind after a section of church leaders condemned his proposal to legalize Marijuana if elected in the August polls.

Led by bishop David Thagana, the clergy under the umbrella of the Federation of Evangelical and Indigenous Christian Churches of Kenya (FEICCK) last Sunday urged Kenyans to reject the Roots Party presidential candidate.

“Reject the principles of Wajackoyah categorically and anyone else against the principles of peace, ethics and morality. You cannot grow Kenya by radicalizing the citizenry into smoking. What he cannot do to his children then should not be done to Kenyans,” Thagana said.

TFEICCK secretary-general spoke at Glory Outreach Assembly (GOA) church along Thika road during celebrations to mark Father’s Day.

The clergymen regretted that while the consumption of marijuana has been on the rise in the country, the political statements by Wajackoyah could increase its use.

Bishop Samuel Ngacha Njiriri of Stewards Revival Pentecostal Church faulted the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) for clearing Wajackoyah to vie for presidency in August.

“When you show our people how to smoke bhang, then that is a plan to wipe away the future of fatherhood. If elected, we will have no men who can stand to be counted in the coming years and in fact, that man should be in jail for advocating things that are illegal in the country. Kenyans should reject him and not even listen to his poor ideologies,” Njiriri stated.

Wajackoyah Response To Church Leaders

In his response, Prof Wajackoyah told the clergymen to get off the high horse and remove the log in their eye before looking at the speck in his eye.

Wajackoyah mentioned that the church leaders had not read his manifesto and they were only focusing on his marijuana agenda.

“All we are doing is awakening Kenyans. They have not even read our manifesto and all they are talking about is the marijuana agenda. It is time for them to realize that Kenya does not belong to them,” he said.

Adding: “They are now coming to condemn us yet they have been in scandals since way back and are actually the ones who should be judged. We have grown up Christians and we are aware that they live on the proceeds of crime. Soon, the young people are going to rebel against them.”

“It is the church’s duty to pray for people like me if I am insane so that I can be sane, they have no right to lecture me.”

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