PHOTOS of Diana Marua At Her First Office Job

June 16, 2022

Before she attained celebrity status through dating and settling down with musician Bahati, Diana Marua was just another dreamer working unfulfilling jobs to make ends meet.

A little over a decade ago, the YouTuber got her first office job as a receptionist.

Diana took to social media on Tuesday to reminisce about her challenging past in a bid to inspire her fans. She noted she was confused, unfulfilled, and didn’t know what she wanted in life.

“I was a dreamer, I still I’m… Dreaming to get to that destination of financial freedom. A day at a time, the truth is… IT’S HARD BUT I KEEP PUSHING 🤗” she wrote.

The social media influencer said the challenges she faced at the time made her who she is today.

“2011… My first office job as a receptionist, I faced many challenges, ups and downs, Confused… I didn’t know what I wanted in life. I was unsatisfied, unfulfilled but being here moulded me to be the person I am today,” she averred.

Marua encouraged her over 2 million followers to keep chasing their dreams.
“Trust your journey, don’t give up. It’s part of the success equation. You are where you are supposed to be according to the universe ❤️”
Besides working as a receptionist, Diana Marua also worked as an M-Pesa agent.

“I used to work at this pharmacy before it was renamed goodlife… as an mpesa agent… my first job. This far, I call him Ebenezer. Use what you have as a stepping stone to your next level… it takes time but grow,” she wrote in a past post.

Photos of Diana Marua the receptionist.

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