Obinna’s Biggest Challenge Working at Kiss 100 FM

June 2, 2022

Kiss 100 FM  presenter Oga Obinna has opened up about his experience working at the Radio Africa Group-owned radio station.

Speaking to Pulse Kenya, the radio personality revealed the biggest challenge he has faced since he replaced Jalang’o three months ago.

Obinna said one of his challenges is waking up early for the Morning Kiss show. He said his sleeping patterns have had to change since he wasn’t an early riser.

“Kuamka is the first challenge, then the second one is me brunching into more Kiswahili because I’m known for speaking more English but now I have to switch up because of our audience. We are speaking to young guys and most of them nowadays don’t speak a lot of English. It’s been crossing over and that’s what I’m working on currently,” he said.

Obinna also lauded his copresenter Kamene Goro saying she is the reason The Morning Kiss has been successful.

“She has been the reason why the Morning Kiss is working. She is very accommodating and patient. She also guides me and gives me a couple of pointers… it’s been a short period but I have learned a lot. She is a dope person and she has made it easy for me,” Obinna said.

He added: “My personality on radio is that of a very stingy person, I don’t give women money but off radio I’m a different person. I’m a father, a brother, uncle, son, friend, and sponsor. I wear many hats, so don’t be fooled by what you see or hear on radio. But that’s the mistake most Kenyans make, they judge the personality without knowing the person.”

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