Why Desagu Wants To Charge Fans For His Content

June 2, 2022

Comedian Henry Desagu says fans of his online skits will soon start paying to watch his content.

Speaking in an interview with Presenter Ali, Desagu said it was about time he monetized his content.

“Doing comedy is just like doing business. You must generate content that will make money,” he said.

“When you start your business, you must give it all your attention. And the purpose of our art is to make money, so even if you are making content, kuna mahali unafikanga, you have to focus.”

Desagu said he plans to create a website where fans will be required to pay to access his content. He said he would also be sharing free content on his YouTube channel.

“Actually, it’s Njugush who gave me the idea. So there will be free content on my YouTube and then on my website, there will be content fans will pay for,” he explained.

Adding: “I will be doing this because maze, I am getting old. It gets to a point where you take a step back and rethink and see what new things to do. You see, I’ve been shooting for six years every week.”

On matters dating, the funnyman likened himself to the late president Moi.

“I will hide my woman just like the retired President, the late Mzee Moi. Did you ever see his wife? He kept quiet about it for 24 years, so why do you want the Prince of Mwihoko to tell you about his woman?” he posed.

“When I’m the king, then and only then will you see my queen. But when you are a prince like me, labda natafutiwa, mambo inaagaliwa vizuri.”

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