Meet Kenya’s Jane Mena-Inspired Twerk Star, Agrippina ‘Miss Kuino’

June 20, 2022

Who is Agrippina Mokeira?

I am a consistent and badass sassy dancer popularly known as Miss Kiuno because of my whining skills. I am a determined young woman who aspires to be one of the best dancers and own a successful mobile dance studio among other businesses.

How did your journey start?

Honestly, it always feels like the journey caught up with me. My inspiration came from my urge to want to be so flexible, feminine and fit. So I chose to dance because it was fun even though I could not dance back then. I had two left feet.

When did you realise you could twerk?

I started dancing three years ago when I was still in school. I have been learning how to dance and I am still learning. I was inspired by Janemena, a twerk star and media personality. I have realised every day I become a better dancer as days go by.

What is the most rewarding part of being a dancer?


Where do you get ideas for your moves?

My moves are basically how the music makes me feel. I love to dance to both the rhythm and beats, but before I dance to any song I connect to the music first. As a growing and learning dancer, I watch other beautiful dancers from all over the world and also get more ideas.

How would you describe your dance styles?

I whine a lot and to me whining is the art of giving the waist a fluid movement. The dance has a stronger rhythmic connection whether dancing with a partner or not. The other dance is popularly known as twerking. I would describe twerking as thrusting movements of the bottom and hips while in a low, squatting stance. Twerking and whining is a whole workout because you need a lot of flexibility and strength to do the moves.

What is your typical day as a dancer?

I wake up, pray, do some yoga and work out according to my programme then do the rest of the things I had planned on doing. Before I go to bed I play some of my favourite music and dance and maybe try new moves. Dancing is my therapy so it’s the most normal thing for me to do.

Do you make a living out of dancing?

Yes. I have made some good money from it. However, not enough to make me financially stable, but I will get there eventually. It is all about knowing how to brand yourself. I’m also a dance trainer. Basically, half of my life is about dance, but I’m trying my best to balance it.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Society’s view of my dancing skills is the only challenge I face. My dance moves are sexualised a lot and that makes me get criticised negatively. But I got over it because I know it’s pure art and society is going to have to live with that.

How do create work boundaries with musicians?

I choose to work with musicians who understand and respect work boundaries. Also, you always have a right to say no to whatever you are not okay with. One thing about me is, I will say no to your music video if I know you lack ethics. I’ve turned down several and I am proud.

What can you say makes you different from other dancers?

I’m authentic and consistent. I criticise and push myself to be better every day. I also believe I’m different because I do it out of passion and I don’t compete. I’m always in my zone.

There is a myth that beautiful women tend to grow old first. What’s your take on that?

That’s hilarious and scary at the same time. All I can say is, I just hope I don’t grow old before having the best time of my life. I’ll deal with being beautiful now then I can worry about growing old when I’m old.

Are you dating or married?

Tangazo tangazo, siko soko.

You look gorgeous and well-toned. Do you work out?

Yes, but I don’t kill myself. I give more credit to my dancing techniques, it’s literally a whole workout. I highly recommend it. Imagine feeling sexy and getting fit at the same time.

Role model?

A wiser, successful and richer me.

What do you think needs to be changed in the Kenyan music industry?

Songwriting because I feel some of our artistes should work on making thrilling music so that listeners can crave for more. They should also invest in their music videos. We know it’s quite expensive, but I hope they work on that. We desperately need a change in those two aspects.

Some of the videos and concerts you have been featured in?

I’ve featured in Bounce by Otile ft Lexsil, My Jaber by H_art The Band ft Brizzy, Yeah Yeah by Boutross, Niache Niende by Otile ft Arrow Bwoy.  I also performed at Konshens’ New Year concert.

Any upcoming projects?

I can’t wait for our video collabo with Janemena. Finally, I’m entering the TZ industry. I might end up doing nothing, but dancing and business. I love it here. The surprise will be worth it.

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