Two Boda Thugs Arrested After Trying to Rob Plainclothes Cop

May 4, 2022

Two men were on Monday, May 2, arrested after they tried to rob an armed police officer in plainclothes.

Police Corporal Nahashon Mungai, based at Kiambu police station, was attacked by a bodaboda rider he had hired and an accomplice they had picked along the way.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) reported that PC Mungai hailed the boda to take him to GG village in Thindigua, but upon arrival, the rider and a man he had picked on their way claiming to be in distress, turned against the cop with heavy blows and kicks demanding for money and other valuables.

Tables turned when PC Mungai pulled out his Israeli-made Jericho semi-automatic pistol and ordered the thugs to surrender. They however defied and attempted to escape prompting Corporal Mungai to open fire, deflating the bike’s front tyre.

“Corporal Mungai, whose record at the musketry faculty in the National Police College-Kiganjo speaks for itself, immobilized the ill-fated bike in a single shot leaving the thugs without any option but to surrender,” the DCI reported.

The cop arrested the two before calling for reinforcement from his counterparts at Thindigua police post, who took the two in custody.

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