Diabetes Management Centre

Diabetes is among the top ten leading causes of deaths in Kenya, with a prevalence rate of over 3.3%, according to the Ministry of Health.

Over 500,000 people are currently living with diabetes, with high proportions coming from urban areas, and the country’s health departments perceive an epidemic that seems to be growing.

Not only is diabetes detrimental to one’s health as it is accompanied by other hypertension comorbidities, but also expensive to treat, and for this reason, Kenyans who struggle economically fail to raise medication funds or contribute towards a model medical insurance scheme.

This article will highlight the top 5 best hospitals in Kenya’s capital Nairobi that offers an exceptional healthcare service when it comes to treating diabetes.

1. Diabetes Management Centre

The Nairobi Hospital Anderson Medical Centre
Dr. Salwa Shahbal, founder – Diabetes Management Centre.

Diabetes Management Centre was started in July 2017 by Dr. Salwa Shahbal, a passionate medical practitioner who holds a Bachelor’s degree in medicine and a Master’s degree in Science from the University of Nairobi (UON). She furthered her education at Cardiff University for her master’s in Diabetes degree.

Dr. Salwa has a wealth of experience in the medical field owing to her past work experience as a specialist when she worked at Avenue Healthcare Mombasa before relocating to Nairobi. Today she offers a full range of endocrine services at the Diabetes Management Center, including nutrition and fitness counseling, podiatry, continuous glucose monitoring, insulin pump therapy, diabetes education, management, and prevention.

Location – 5th floor, Doctors Park, 3rd parklands, Nairobi
Phone numbers – 0738818268, 0799871775
Email – [email protected]

2. Kilimani Diabetes and Endocrine Centre

We are on a mission to prevent and manage diabetes and endocrine conditions through technology-enhanced platforms to improve quality of life, says Kilimani Diabetes and Endocrine Centre.

It has a team of dedicated diabetologists, certified diabetes educators, registered dieticians, and a podiatrist that take active roles in using innovative treatments to provide preventive and curative solutions to diabetes.

Location – Hurlingham, behind APA Arcade, Nairobi
Working hours – Monday to Friday (9 AM to 5 PM), Saturday (9 AM to 1 PM)
Phone numbers – 0711140777, +254103080305
Email – [email protected]

3. Aga Khan University Hospital

The Aga Khan University Hospital is a leader in serving people with diabetes. Its Endocrinology and ​​Diabetes Unit offers diagnosis, assessment, management, multidisciplinary care, and a 24-hour dedicated patient hotline triaged by a dedicated team of diabetes educators to help answer patient questions, queries, and concerns.

Location – 3rd Parklands Avenue, Limuru Road, Nairobi.
Phone number – 0730011888
Email – [email protected]

4. The Nairobi Hospital Anderson Medical Centre

The Nairobi Hospital was incepted in 1954, and it is one of the oldest medical facilities in the country, dedicated to the comprehensive treatment of persons with diabetes, pre-diabetes, and associated disorders.

It offers diabetes services like consultation, screening, medication – in inpatient and outpatient settings – diabetes education, and glucose monitoring.

Location – The Nairobi Hospital Doctors’ Plaza, Nairobi
Phone numbers – 0703082000, 0730666000
Email – [email protected]

5. MP Shah Hospital

The Best Diabetes Management Clinics in kenya

MP (Meghji Pethraj) Shah Hospital is among the best private facilities in Kenya, founded in the 1930s. It has a Diabetes Care Centre that is a renowned resource for diabetes diagnosis, education, and treatment.

They offer nutrition and exercise guidance, counseling, treatment, ECG, Ankle Brachial Index, polysomnogram (Sleep Study), diabetes management, and education.

Location – Shivachi Road in Parklands area, Nairobi
Phone number – +254204291100
Email – [email protected]

Remember, a proper lifesytle is and will always be the best way to manage your diabetes.