Top 10 Businesses You Can Start With Ksh100,000 in Kenya

May 13, 2022

If you have a dream of venturing into life as an entrepreneur, then money shouldn’t be a limiting factor because from as low as Ksh100,000, you can start your own business to realize great financial success and freedom.

This article will take you through some of the businesses you can start with Ksh100,000 in Kenya that require no substantial cost but has higher profit a little less compared to expensive enterprises that require huge capital and insurance covers.

Top 10 businesses to start with Ksh100K in Kenya

1. Food business
2. Wines and spirits
3. Clothes (mitumba) business
4. Agribusiness
5. Boda boda business
6. Bicycle repair business
7. Mobile saloon/barbershop
8. Event planning business
9. Fish farming
10. Daycare business

Food Business

The food business is relatively cheap to start, even with less than Ksh100K in your bank account. It can be started – anywhere – where people live.

People must eat. However, you should consider a special location where there are many people, such as near a shopping center or a construction site. It will only cost you almost Ksh7,000 to secure a space and Ksh40,000 to acquire proper kitchenware for cooking and serving customers.

You will need close to Ksh20,000 for food stock then you apply for Food Handler’s certificate to avoid run-ins with officials from the ministry of health. Such certificates cost a paltry Ksh700 from respective county offices.

How to Invest 100,000 in Kenya

By the end of six months of operations, you should have recovered your investment.

Wines and Spirits

For many Kenyans, leisure time is synonymous with alcohol, and the wines and spirits business is among the most lucrative enterprises to start in the country.

The National Authority for Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) has set up stringent measures when it comes to liquor licensing, and the liquor licenses are expensive.

But after you’ve made it through the registration of your liquor business, it’s truly profitable.

To start a wines and spirits shop, you need proper authorization from the government, which will cost you around Ksh30,000. You may use the rest of the money to fund your stockpile. Ensure that you deliver excellent service to attract customers and suppress competitors.

Mitumba business

Many Kenyans are middle and lower-class citizens, and they can only afford second-hand clothing, popularly known as mitumba. These are clothes sourced from the UK, Canada, United States, Euro Zone, China, Korea, and Taiwan. They are cheap and affordable.

A bale of mitumba costs between Ksh8,500 to Ksh30,000, depending on the size and quality. It normally has 200 pieces, and sellers often get a clear cut of over 50% after its sale.

You might consider starting a mitumba business because you may conduct your business during open market days to avoid incurring rental costs.


Agriculture is the backbone of the Kenyan economy, yet we are unable to produce enough food to sustain our population. More farmers are needed, and this might be a lurking opportunity for you to prosper.

You only need a starting capital of around Ksh50,000 to rent land and carter for ploughing and planting. The rest of the money will be used for purchasing pesticides and other chemicals to ensure robust plant growth. Farmers usually get over 40% of their investments in a normal season.

You need to select an area with sustainable rainfall to evade the effects of drought, which may cause plants to wilt.

Boda Boda business

How to Invest 100,000 in Kenya

Boda boda business continues to be a hot industry and a source of income for many youths. To start this business, you have to part with Ksh60,000 to Ksh75,000 for a motorcycle in good condition, leaving you with a pocket change to acquire insurance and an operations license.

This enterprise is more profitable in urban areas, owing to traffic snarl ups, and boda boda is most loved because it can access the areas with poor roads and avoid traffic jams.

Boda boda operators in towns and cities make over Ksh1,500 daily, while those in rural areas make between Ksh500 and Ksh800.

Bicycle repair business

The bicycle repair business is among the most promising businesses you can start with Ksh100K in Kenya.

A piece of deep knowledge of the operations of bicycles will keep you ahead of the curve, and your service determines the number of customers who will be walking into your repair shop on a daily basis.

You must also consider your location as it has a great impact on the market. Urban areas are perfect for bicycle repair business due to the presence of many people who have since adopted the use of bicycles both for training and leisure and as a means of transport to their various workplaces.

It requires inexpensive tools that cost slightly above Ksh20,000.

Mobile salon/barbershop

Starting a mobile salon or a barbershop will set you back around Ksh40,000 for your tools of trade like hair dryers, combs, brushes, rollers, and other styling equipment. You will also need a proper marketing team to market your business.

This business is growing rapidly because many people prefer to be serviced in the comfort of their homes.

Event planning business

This business entails managing details of events such as parties, conventions, conferences, and weddings.

An event planner ensures an event meets the expectation of a client by having the best sound system around, if it’s a party, and generally a good environment for the proceedings of the event.

While a degree in Interior Design or a relevant field might help you hit the ground running, It is not important.

Event planning requires an investment of around Ksh70,000, depending on the type and the venue of the event. It has enormous profits, and event planners can take home up to four times their investment.

Fish farming

The depletion of fish in many lakes, such as Lake Victoria and Lake Naivasha, should trigger a signal in your mind that fish resources are getting depleted, and their demand is increasing.

With Ksh100K, you can start your own pond provided that you have a reliable source of fresh water and perfect soils with minimum drainage. You can rear tilapia fish and sell them at your nearest market for a profit.

Daycare business

How to Invest 100,000 in Kenya

The daycare business is among the profitable fast-rising business in Kenya, mostly thriving in urban centers. Working mothers usually take their children to these daycares to allow them ample time to work and provide for the family.

An average daily fee of Ksh100 is charged per head, and if you manage to get 40 children, you will have a gross salary of Ksh40,000.

However, it requires investment for purchases of baby chairs, mattresses, toys, and pictorial books. This can cost close to Ksh100K.

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