Size 8 is Emulating Fake Miracles Preacher Victor Kanyari, Ringtone Shouts

May 5, 2022

Controversial gospel singer Alex Apoko popularly known as Ringtone has bashed fellow singer Size 8, likening her to the infamous fake miracle worker, pastor Victor Kanyari.

Ringtone was reacting to a video in which Size 8, who was ordained as a preacher last December, was seen casting out demons from her congregants.

According to Ringtone, Size 8 was not only looking for attention but she was trying to cash in on fake miracles just like pastor Kanyari.

“Me naweza ambia size anatafuta attention. Hakuna mtu anaweza toa mapepo, anatafuta tu njia ya pesa. Pastor tunawajua. Mimi siwezi mkubali kwa Sababu huo ni uwongo,” he said.

Ringtone suggested Size 8 is better suited as a motivational speaker and she should stop trying to emulate Kanyari.

Size 8 anaweza kuwa mwalimu was wasichana, ama motivational speaker. Lakini kuniambia eti Size anaombea mapepo zitoke? Hizo ni visanga kama zile za vya pastor Kanyari. Huyu anapenda kuwa pastor Kanyari mwingine,” he claimed.

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