Selina Actress Celestine Gachuhi Delivers Miracle Baby

May 5, 2022

Actress Celestine Gachuhi and her fiancé Phil Kimemia have welcomed their newborn.

Gachuhi, who is popularly known for her starring role in the popular Telenovela show Selina, announced the birth of her baby girl on Tuesday, May 3.

The 26-year-old said she delivered the baby girl last week after going for a routine prenatal checkup on Tuesday. She was not expecting to give birth until doctors advised her to stay in the hospital for observation.

Gachuhi said she was worried at first because she didn’t know if something was wrong with the baby. The actress hailed her support system of friends and sisters for being there for her and advising her.

Selina as she is fondly known said she had two childbirth delivery options – labor induction and Caesarean section.

“I was so confused but doctors were with me, advising me  on what to do. We came to the conclusion to induce labor…it was crazy but I had a support system. It was a crazy but beautiful experience,” Gachuhi said in a 4-minute video on her YouTube channel.

In a post on Instagram, Selina said their lives have since changed completely.

“Even miracles take a little while 😍” Remember this👆??Our miracle baby girl came 😍. It’s been a week now and our lives have since changed completely❤️❤️🙏🙏 @phil_kimemia I thank God for you, you’ve stood by me since day one, the ups and downs as my priest. God bless you ❤. IT CAN ONLY BE GOD!” she wrote.

Kimemia on his part was elated to meet a girl with the most beautiful voice.

I’ve finally met a girl who has the most beautiful voice in the world! I can never forget that feeling when I heard you cry, it was the most unique sound, so beautiful ❤️. Experiencing the whole process was amazing, your mom is a fighter and a strong woman, maybe stronger than she knows. I could hear the whole team supporting her in the labor room and she did great. Love now feels different! Every single time I look at you and see a mini me and your mom, I fall in love all over again. Daddy & mommy love you so much! You’re a gift from above. I thank God for you! It’s almost a week now since you landed! Imma be by your side I promise you. @celestinegachuhi you’re a great woman, I love you A&F ❤️” Phil penned.
Congratulations are in order!


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