Women Offered Me Millions, Land, Car to Marry Them – Pastor Ng’ang’a

April 13, 2022

Pastor James Ng’ang’a says he received marriage proposals from more than 1,000 women before he married his wife Mercy Murugi.

Speaking in a live session with his wife, the controversial preacher said some of the women offered him money and land. They included a politician, a doctor, and a bishop.

Pastor Ng’ang’a claimed one woman offered him Sh3 million and another offered to buy him a car and a piece of land.

This was after the death of his first wife.

“I was very lonely, kama mganga. There is nothing painful like grief, it takes away all your happiness. I lost ushers who said I had betrayed them. Some wanted me to marry their sisters and others their children,” he said.

“Some women bribed me with millions of money, land and cars. I was fooled without knowing their intentions.”

The preacher said he had a hard time choosing the right woman; if he married an agemate, they would not be able to take care of each other in old age, Ng’ang’a reasoned.

“I found one who had no child but was older than me. There was a politician, a doctor and even a bishop.

“So the one who was older than me, I thought, ‘What if this one gives me medicine and I die and sign all my documents to her’? I was afraid my kids will end up poor,” he said.

Pastor Ng’ang’a said he decided to marry a woman who has kids and is younger than him.

Another challenge he faced was announcing to his followers that he had found “the one”.

“1,000 people left on that Sunday after the announcement that I was getting married. I almost changed my mind. There was trouble in the church,” he claimed.

Pastor Ng’ang’a said he took three years to wed Murugi as some fought her through witchcraft.

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