Gigiri Cops Shoots at Colleague Over Missing Phone

April 1, 2022

A police officer based at the Gigiri police station in Nairobi was on Wednesday arrested after he shot at his colleague.

The Police Constable is said to have opened fire after he misplaced his Tecno Pop Two mobile phone, worth an estimated Sh8500. The phone was later found at the report office.

Police said the rogue officer had finished his duties and went back to the station armed with an AK47 rifle, raging over a missing phone.

He shot at his colleague but missed his target before other colleagues disarmed him.

Confirming the incident, Gigiri police boss Alice Kimeli said the issue will be handled professionally. She said the officer will undergo disciplinary measures internally.

Elswhere, a traffic police officer who was caught on camera forcing himself into a private car through a window has been identified.

The officer manning the GPO roundabout along Kenyatta Avenue was captured in a heated confrontation with a motorist in the Nairobi Central Business District (CBD).

He entered the car through the front passenger window forcing the driver to abandon the car, which the officer drove towards Central Police Station.

Following public outrage, the National Police Service (NPS) assured that stern action would be taken against the cop.

“The National Police Service has taken note of an incident which has been trending on social media, whereby a police officer on traffic duties was captured forcing himself into a private vehicle,” the NPS said.

“The said officer has been positively identified and is undergoing disciplinary action.”


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