Diamond Explains Why Nigerian Musicians are Thriving

April 28, 2022

Diamond Platnumz says Nigerian music is celebrated globally because Nigerian musicians support each other.

Speaking to BBC, Diamond said this support coupled with the massive Nigerian population has helped the country’s artistes to make a mark on the international scene.

Diamond said he has conducted his research and he is working towards gaining international prominence.

“We need to do our research, from the artists to the record label,” he said.

“Nigerians support each other apart from the fact that they are many in numbers. We need to know what we need to do to penetrate their industry and international world,” he said.

Diamond admitted that he has had to compromise on some of his songs to appeal to the international market.

“Do your research. You need to know what people want and at what time. I do some songs not because I love them but so that I’m able to get into the international audience,” he said.

Diamond observed that while some of his songs are well received locally, they are not popular with the international audience.

He said the song Mtasubiri featuring Zuchu did well in the East African market while his Afrobeat song Wonder gained international recognition.

“When I was releasing the song Marry You ft Neyo and others, people at home thought I had lost direction,” he said.

“I had my own target and those are the songs that have helped me do shows all over Africa.”

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