You Forgave Raila, You Can Forgive Ruto Too, Waiguru to Uhuru

March 30, 2022

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to extend an olive branch to his now-defunct Deputy William Ruto.

Speaking at a rally on Tuesday, March 29, Waiguru said Uhuru should initiate a new handshake with Ruto to alleviate political tensions between their allies and supporters.

This comes in the wake of President Uhuru’s recent bombshell that Ruto planned to impeach him.

While defending Ruto, Waiguru dismissed Uhuru’s claims as mere propaganda.

“Some characters surrounding the president have for umpteenth times hatched plans to malign DP Ruto’s name. But it has been hitting a snag all through.

“All I can advise you our dear president is for you to extend a handshake with your deputy because the love that Kenyans have for Ruto is immeasurable,” Waiguru said.

The former Devolution Cabinet Secretary argued that if Uhuru was able to forgive Raila Odinga for trying to overthrow him then the president should be able to forgive Ruto.

“Those who wanted to overthrow your government are well known. There is evidence to that effect and it was well shown in broad daylight. Even after he illegally swore himself, you still had a place in your heart to forgive him and close ranks with him. If that was possible, what of a person who helped you achieve the presidency?” Waiguru wondered.

She added: “If you managed to get a handshake deal with Raila, we are pleading with you that in the next four months, kindly shake hands with Ruto so that you do not leave divided factions when your time in power lapses.”

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