Tedd Josiah Cautions Single Parents: Don’t Introduce Your Child to ‘Water Testers’

March 17, 2022

Veteran music producer Tedd Josiah has opened up on the struggles single parents experience in the dating pool.

According to the self-proclaimed ‘ManMom’, dating is hard for single parents as they have to consider their children.

For single parents, relationships aren’t easy to start with new people because you have to safeguard your child from a lot,” he wrote on social media.

Josiah cautioned single parents against introducing their children to partners that are only there to test the waters.

“Coming into a single parent’s life to just ‘test the waters and see where it goes’…that sh*t ain’t healthy. You can’t introduce your child to every ‘water tester!'” he stated.

The single father of a four-year-old girl advised single parents to choose the right partners for their own sake and their children’s.

“Many ladies especially can’t speak up on this cause they are already being seen as social misfits because of their children.

“Everyone needs love but as you search for love make sure it’s the right kind of love ordained by God so you don’t break again and your child doesn’t grow up confused,” Tedd concluded.

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