Musician Gifts Daughter Prado TX For KCPE Exam Performance

March 31, 2022

Popular Luo Benga musician Dola Kabarry(born Kevin Omondi Migot) has made his daughter, Sherly Mikal, the newest owner of a Toyota Prado TX.

The SUV is a fulfillment of a promise that the musician had made to his daughter if she attained over 400 marks in the 2021 KCPE Exams. Sheryl scored 413 out of 500.

On top of the car, the candidate’s mother, Connie Kabarry, had also promised to gift her a new Samsung mobile phone.

Dola and Connie Kabarry also treated their daughter to a family vacation in Mombasa, where they were seen in a video enjoying a leisure ride in the new Toyota Prado.

Daddy Niki pata 400 and above utanibuyia gari kubwa na Mami anibuyie simu ya Samsung . Here we are baby here we are..congratulations my Baby,” Connie captioned the video on social media.

She also published another video buying Sheryl a new Samsung phone worth Sh149,000. The shop owner also gifted the girl with Galaxy Buds worth Sh16,000.

Yes we promised her a big car and a Samsung phone of her choice if she gets 400 marks and above, she got 413 marks at Kitengela International School. We had to keep our promises just like she did.

Parents let’s learn to keep our promises, promise what you can afford otherwise utafinywaa. Thanks so much Samsung for gifting our daughter Sheryl with Ear pods worth Sh 16000, we are happy,” Connie said.

Watch the video below.

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