KEMSA Among 5 State Parastatals Flagged for Excess Workers

March 17, 2022

The troubled Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (Kemsa) is on the spot again, this time around for having excess workers.

The corruption-plagued firm is among the top five State corporations that have been flagged for excess staffing.

The others are Agriculture and Food Authority (AFA), Utalii College, Egerton University and Rongo University.

The parastatals have a combined excess workforce of 1,726, with Kemsa having the highest at 536 employees, Utalii College (393), AFA (327), Egerton University (210) and Rongo University (137).

This is according to an audit by the Public Service Commission (PSC) which found 15 public institutions had breached their maximum staff requirement by a combined 1,997 workers.

The other firms with excess workforce include the State Department for University Education and Research (73), State Department for Transport (63) Agricultural Finance Corporation (62), State Department for Development of Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (32), State Department for Gender (13) and State Department for Tourism (12).

The PSC pointed to a looming restructuring of the corporations to shed excess workers and curb wastage of resources.

“The institutions with staff over-establishment to review and align them to the authorised staff establishment,” the PSC audit recommends.

The Audit also shows that the authorised workforce establishment for the 261 public institutions was 347,845, of which 220,782 or 63.5 percent were filled while 127,063, or 36.5 per cent were vacant.

“The vacant posts were occasioned by the recruitment moratorium, re-organisation and restructuring of government institutions, and reviewing of the staff establishment,” PSC said.

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