Watch: Eric Omondi Issues Stern Warning to Traditional Media, ‘I Will End You. Try Me’

February 11, 2022

Comedian Eric Omondi has now shifted his battle for 75% local content airplay to media houses.

On Wednesday, the comedian caused quite the spectacle after he pitched camp outside Parliament in a locked glass cage. Omondi announced he was on a hunger strike until Members of Parliament passed his Bill on 75% airplay.

”Na mimi sitoki apa mpaka wapitishe bill ya hio motion yetu ya play 75%. Ntakaa apa. Kama ni one month ntakaa one month. Kama ni 2 months, ntakaa 2 months. Na mimi sikuli. Ntakunywa maji. Ntalala apa mpaka wapitishe. Maanake this is the only way,” he said in a video shared on his socials.

In a subsequent post, Eric Omondi issued a stern warning to media houses to comply with the Bill once it is passed.

“Bill ikishapitishwa ivi, all the media houses in Kenya try me! You’re already dying! Traditional media is on its deathbed if not dead. Nobody is watching you, you need us.

“Once this Bill passes, try me! I will make sure Citizen TV, NTV, AND KTN are closed down,” said the comedian.

A bullish Omondi warned that everything he says usually comes to fruition. He gave an example of his run-in with former KFCB Boss Ezekiel Mutua, who used to criticize him before he was sacked unceremoniously.

“I’m giving a warning to the traditional media…you are weak, sickly and dying because we live in a digital country. Start playing 75% local content now. Don’t wait until the Bill is passed. Use common sense! Don’t be stupid!” Omondi barked.

Watch Omondi’s full warning to media houses below.


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