Njambi Koikai to Run for MP Seat in Nairobi

February 1, 2022

Media personality Mary Njambi Koikai popularly known as Fyah Mummah has thrown her hat in the ring for a parliamentary seat in its year’s General Election.

The Trace Radio presenter on Monday, January 31 announced she will be running for MP of Dagoretti South constituency.

Njambi says as a Dagoretti native, she has firsthand experience with the harsh living conditions in the area.

“I was born and raised in Dagoretti, Nairobi by a single mother and my grandmother and the community around us. Like many others, my family sacrificed to pay for my education. I attended school in Nairobi all the way from primary to university. They wanted me to have a way out of poverty and a better future,” said the Endo warrior.

“Growing up in Dagoretti, I experienced the harsh living conditions in our community due to lack of resources. The spirit of community and service to others was instilled in me at an early age because we had to take care of each other as family, neighbours and friends. We have faced numerous challenges as a community due to lack of proper healthcare, inadequate security and basic amenities. People in Dagoretti South aspire to live a better life for themselves and their children,” Njambi said.

The renowned connoisseur of reggae music said growing up in Dagoretti has shaped her direction in life. As such, she is encouraged to work to improve the social and economic status of Dagoretti constituents.

To achieve this, Njambi Koikai has identified five key pillars. They are as follows:

● Kazi kwa vijana na kina mama: There is a high unemployment rate in Dagoretti South. We know our people can thrive and succeed if they have opportunities to do so, especially the youth and vulnerable groups in our community. I aim to create opportunities where our people can learn basic skills to help them earn a living.

● Pesa kwa biashara:
1. The youth and women need expert guidance and support on how to plan, fund, start and run successful businesses, where they can employ themselves and others.
2. They need access to finance on patient and reasonable terms, to enable them to start and run these successful businesses.
3. There is a large number of elderly people in our community, I aim to create self-sustainable opportunities for entrepreneurship to empower them.

●   Uboreshaji Wa Maji: We don’t have access to fresh, clean water or decent sanitation in Dagoretti South. The persistent water shortages in our neighbourhoods can be mitigated with proper planning. We can partner with local and national agents to find areas for public borehole creation. These boreholes with treated water are the start of improving our health and welfare. Without clean water and decent sanitation, there’s increased risk of illness and preventable death.

●   Uboreshaji Wa Afya: I battled Endometriosis and Adenomyosis which are menstrual health related diseases for over 15 years and through this experience, I identified gaps in our healthcare system that motivated me to advocate for better access to healthcare for our communities in Dagoretti South. Statistics indicate that 1 in 10 women is battling Endometriosis a reproductive health disease where the lining of the uterus grows outside of the uterus. Many young girls and women have no access to skilled gynaecologists and treatment options are way out of reach. I intend to work with the Ministry of Health, to create new policies in training our gynaecologists to specialize further in reproductive health.

●   Our clinics and dispensaries are short of staff, qualified doctors and medical supplies. I intend to work with the necessary agencies to ensure the smooth operations in our medical facilities. We need better public health campaigns and better access to affordable quality healthcare in Dagoretti South.

Njambi Koikai noted she will run as an independent candidate for the seat currently held by former comedian John Kiarie (KJ).

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