MP Sankok Gifts Dad a Probox to Inspire Kenyan Youth to Repay Parents

February 2, 2022

Nominated member of parliament David Sankok was in an inspirational mood after buying his dad a brand new Toyota probox.

In a poetic post on social media Tuesday, Sankok said his gesture should not be misinterpreted as showing off but as an inspiration to Kenyan youth to care for their parents.

Sankok noted it was especially hard for his father to raise him owing to the Mp’s disability.

“It is not because I have more money, It is because I have more love for my Dad. It is not because I want to show off,
It is because I want to inspire parents to love their children irrespective of their disability.
“It is not because I love publicity, It is because I want to challenge parents not to hide children with Disabilities like master Ben Mpusia whom I rescued from a sheep pen in 2014.
It is not because I am more blessed than you, It is because I want to inspire you to love and take care of your parents more than political supporters, friends or workmates,” Sankok penned.
He went on: “It is not because my Dad deserve more than other fathers, It is because I want to relieve the pain on his back caused by my weight while carrying me due to my disability.
“It is not because I couldn’t have done it silently, It is because I wanted to give a living testimony of a father who loved his Son with Disabilities unconditionally despite cultural stigma against persons with Disabilities.
It is not because I couldn’t do more, It is because I wanted to inspire youths to wipe the tears and pain our parents go through in raising us up, especially for us who are persons with Disabilities.”
Sankok said he also wanted to remind youths to appreciate their parents for their sacrifices.
It pains me to remember how my father use to shed lonely tears 😭 whenever he met me crawling. I wanted to remind youths that many of their parents have shed tears silently as they search for school fees, shelter, clothing and food for them. Yet you tell your boyfriend/girlfriend “umetoka mbali na yeye”. Mbali ngani kuliko umbali umetoka na wazazi wako?” he wondered.
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