Chimano Talks About Coming Out, Posting Lover Online, Family

February 2, 2022

Sauti Sol’s baritone vocalist Willis Austin Chimano has encouraged everyone to live their true selves for a happier life.

Chimano came out as queer in December last year and says it was about time.

“It was about time, everyone has something they put in their closet. It might be insecurity over their body weight or their sexuality. People live in a façade because they want to present themselves in a certain way.

“You live a fuller and happier life when you fall in love with yourself. By accepting your weight, your sexuality or your addiction,” he said.

Adding: “Everybody needs to jump out of the closet in whatever thing they are hiding. Live your life, be happy. We only have one life.”

When asked if his family supports his decision to come out, the singer said: “My family is amazing. By the end of the day, if my family loves me, that’s it.”

What of his lover? Will Chimano make his relationship public?

“That I will keep to myself. One step at a time.  If you ever find out, well and good. I keep that to myself because it involves people who don’t want to be in the limelight,” he said.

Chimano noted he does not regret his decision and has made peace with the opportunities he might miss for coming out.

“If I miss opportunities for coming out, well and good, I am my priority. It is part of life and it’s what I have to bear. If I miss it, maybe it was not meant for me,” the ‘Friday Feeling’ hitmaker said.

Chimano is working on his solo EP ‘Heavy is the Crown’. Set to drop this year, the EP tackles toxic masculinity, prejudices, hypocrisy and societal dogma.

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