Ruto Should Stop Taking Credit for Uhuru Projects, MP Declares

January 27, 2022

Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu has taken issue with Deputy President William Ruto taking credit for projects implemented by President Kenyatta.

According to Wambugu, Ruto and his team have been peddling falsehoods in UDA rallies by claiming development projects.

The lawmaker said they will not allow DP Ruto to take credit for Uhuru’s projects while at the same time criticizing the govt over alleged underperformance.

“DP Ruto should not be allowed to have his cake and eat it at the same time,” Wambugu said.

“When it is convenient, Ruto has been claiming to have contributed in the infrastructure development projects going on in the country, notably the SGR,” he added.

Wambugu said Ruto should decide if he is part of Uhuru’s administration or not. If not, he should stop taking credit for Jubilee’s achievement.

He also faulted Ruto for cheering the loudest when Mudavadi called out the govt for corruption and misuse of public funds.

“Ironically, Ruto, like an opposition figure, was cheering Mudavadi on and even leading delegations in giving him standing ovation as he tore into the costs of these projects, especially SGR,” Wambugu said.

“He must make up his mind. Is he part of the Jubilee administration or not. If not, Ruto must stop going around the country claiming how he is a tested leader as ‘tumejenga barabara, SGR, tukasambaza stima’,” the MP said.

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