Nadia Mukami Offended by Jalango’s ‘Sorry not Sorry’

January 7, 2022

Pop singer Nadia Mukami has finally spoken up after Jalang’o blabbered about her pregnancy live on radio.

In a video statement posted to her Instagram account, Nadia rebuked the Kiss FM presenter saying he stooped too low.

The ‘Wangu’ hitmaker narrated how Jalang’o invited her and her boyfriend Arrow Bwoy to his home, only to later expose her pregnancy to the public.

Nadia Mukami mentioned she was apprehensive about going to Jalang’o’s but Arrow Bwoy convinced her despite being sick.

“What you(Jalang’o) did was low, demeaning, and disrespectful! So you invited us to your home… I was sick and I didn’t even want to go. I was 50/50 because my instincts are usually right,” she said.

Adding: “Imagine if I had taken photos with your kids and posted it online because you’ve never posted because that’s your private space and I respect it.”

Nadia further faulted Jalang’o for his follow-up statement after Arrow Bwoy called him out for gossiping.

Jalas had claimed that he was not sorry for exposing Nadia’s pregnancy, an act that greatly offended the singer.

“I have seen the story on blogs. To Nadia and Arrow Bwoy if you think I was out of line then I will say it again. Sorry, I’m not sorry,” Jalas said.

Nadia said: “What you did was outright wrong. If it was a blogger or a promoter or a fan, I wouldn’t even care but you invited us to your personal space so that you can open your mouth? And then you try to justify it by saying you’re not sorry? I’m offended.”

Fighting back tears, the singer went on to reveal that she suffered a miscarriage.

“We have been through a lot. We have our own reasons as to why we keep our things to ourselves. We have our angel in heavenYou should have picked your phone and asked Arrow Bwouy… because you never know why people do certain things,” Nadia said.

“Arrow Bwoy lost his dad and Safari, two people in a year. So what you did was low and cheap. God bless your a**!” she concluded.

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