My In-laws Told Police I Abducted My Wife – Mbusii Recalls Love Story

January 18, 2022

Popular radio personality Daniel Githinji Mwangi, who is best known by his stage name Mbusii, has shared little-known details about his wife.

Speaking on Churchill Show’s Journey Series, the Radio Jambo presenter said he met his wife while acting set-books. At the time, his wife was in form three.

After she completed her high school education, Mbusii said they did not meet as she went to Uganda for three years while he was still acting at the Kenya National Theatre.

They met later when Mbusii was broke, fell in love, and eloped.

“I met my wife while acting set books but after she was done with school, she went to Uganda for three years.

“She even gave me transport money(when I was broke). If you want her, tell her the truth. I told her where I was living in Koch(Korogocho slum), it was a mabati house. She got pregnant for me and we survived. She ran away from her home and came to live with me.”

This prompted Mbusii’s in-laws to report him to the police.

“Her parents came to Koch and reported me to the police that I had abducted their daughter,” he said adding that it was pure love.

Mbusii also mentioned that after he got a job, she paid for her school fees and she went back to school.

During the interview, the father of three also disclosed he is set to be ordained as a high priest.

He narrated that while he was in high school, he was quite religious.

“In high school, I was in Christian Union. There was no one more saved than I was. Things changed when I started knowing myself. Even to date my mum still doesn’t believe how much I have changed.

He added: “It was predicted I would be a pastor. I tell my mum that whoever predicted that did not specify where I would preach. I preach on radio.”

Mbusii said he is a member of the Rastafari Society of Kenya (RSK).

“Very soon I will be ordained by the Rastafari Society Of Kenya to be a high priest. Their headquarters are in Kibera, It’s just a religion like any other. We use the normal bible. There is no offering, Weed is our sacrament,” he said.

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