Hussein Mohamed Welcomes Tabitha Karanja to UDA in First Statement as Ruto’s Head of Comms

January 27, 2022

Celebrated journalist Hussein Mohamed has gotten down to work days after he was appointed Head of Communications for Ruto’s Presidential Campaigns.

The former Citizen TV news presenter released his first statement in his new capacity on Wednesday.

The statement came hours after Keroche Breweries founder Tabitha Karanja joined Ruto’s United Democratic Alliance(UDA). The billionaire businesswoman is running for Nakuru Senator.

Mohamed welcomed Tabitha to UDA saying she is the embodiment of a hustler.

“Today H.E William Ruto and his partners welcome Keroche Breweries CEO Tabitha Karanja among others to the Hustler Movement. Tabitha is the personification of a hustler that has worked her way from the bottom up. But once a hustler, always a hustler,” he wrote.

Hussein also praised his boss Ruto for his leadership style saying it is inclusive and transformative.

“H.E William Ruto is the embodiment of an inclusive, transformative and strategic leadership style that attracts Kenyans with similar intent,” Hussein wrote.
Adding: “His bottom-up economic model speaks of his belief in prioritizing and empowering majority Kenyans suffering endemic economic marginalization as a result of ‘Top-Down’ policies that have had little and negative impact on their economic and social well-being.”
At the same time, Hussein outlined what Kenyans can expect from UDA.
“UDA promises an economic revolution anchored on the Constitution; taking resources down to the people that really need it. It is this belief in an economic model that negates privilege and rewards effort to deliver broad-based shared prosperity that is attracting Kenyans to the UDA dream.
“UDA and its partners do not believe in entitlement but we believe in equal opportunity, we do not believe in ‘madharau’, we believe in respect and we believe in people power, NOT elite power.”
“Today’s episode is another of many more to come, simply because our coalition is with the people,” he concluded.

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