Huddah Cuts off Friends Who Ask for Freebies, “Keep your Struggles to yourself!”

January 7, 2022

Online personality Huddah Monroe is not taking any prisoners this year regarding the quality of her friendships and kinships.

The cosmetics entrepreneur ranted in a long post on social media, telling off friends and family that don’t support her business.

According to Huddah, most of her support comes from strangers while the people close to her only ask for freebies.

“Funny thing are the people who even buy my products are not my friends or family. Only 2-3 friends do. It’s strangers who support me. My friends always ask for free things and don’t post them. Don’t feel bad if I cut you off in (20)22,” Huddah wrote.

The Only Fans nude model said she is keen to keep friends that only support her.

“You open your make-up bag and don’t have Huddah cosmetics you bought from me, not free, I cut you! This year is for supportive, positive friends only. Keep your struggles to yourself,” she barked.

Huddah also shared a quote about the people she has chosen to associate with.

“We’re really at the age where quality friendships hit different. It’s not about how long we’ve been friends anymore. It’s having intentional relationships that feed us in a different way.

“If I go ghost, don’t take it personal, I am probably doing something to better myself.”

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