14 Things to Know About Twitter Influencer Msupa M aka Mollage

January 10, 2022

Maureen Mutisya is a digital content creator/social media influencer popular known as Msupa M (Mollage) on Twitter.

Mollage reveals some facts about herself.

  1. I never wanted to do this social media thing. It just happened and I eventually grew into it and had to take myself seriously with it.
  2. I studied public health at the university but barely had a chance to practise it.
  3. We are living in an era where everyone is striving to be an influencer or something like that. I think this is good because every creator’s sauce is different and we could use variety.
  4. I am never shy to air opinions on various issues including sex and other controversial topics because conversations are what happen on social media. Without opinions, there are no conversations. I keep my conversations respectful and stick to my own values as Mollage.
  5. I believe there’s a handful of reasons why brands reach out to work with me and my being opinionated is largely one of them.
  6. What happened to my blog Mollage is that I took a small detour. I was going through a transition then I stopped it. The plan was to instead steer my social media brand towards what I had imagined the blog ‘Mollage’ would be. And I think that went as planned.
  7. The life experience I missed out on, I’d say is a lot of ‘regular’ Kenyan childhood experiences.
  8. The nicest compliment that gets me is, ‘You smell nice.’ A girl always needs to smell nice.
  9. My ideal kind of a man is one who is aligned with the current person that I am.
  10. What’s your favorite memory of an ex? I don’t have exes, just childhood friends.
  11. The worst date I ever went on with a guy was actually our first. It happened years back when he took me to a bar. A very noisy bar. Nothing about that was good.
  12. There are some misogynists who argue that pulling a chair or opening a door for a lady is simply simping. You know what? I hate that word ‘simping’. In my world, there is no such thing. If you’re with a lady, you better treat her like one.
  13. I find unnecessarily loud people very repulsive.
  14. This hook-up culture going on, I think will be considered unethical and barbaric in 50 years to come.

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