Most Popular Casino Lucky Charms You’ll Love

December 21, 2021

Gamblers stick to their casino lucky charms during the most challenging moments. Click here and learn how to sway chances in your favor. 

Casino Lucky Charms That’ll Make You Rich, And Look Weird

Gambling has always been a perfect mix of luck and skill. However, skill is something we can affect. By learning and practicing, we can enhance our skill levels. So we will take all the credits for winning streaks, even though it came by the skin of our teeth. As in life, we have our ups and downs in gambling as well. Though, during and after every losing streak, we’ll accuse Lady Luck of abandoning us.

When they find themselves up a creek without a paddle, experienced punters often resort to their casino lucky charms, looking to swing the odds to their favor. Consequently, they turn to superstitious beliefs in the hope of pulling themselves out of a tricky situation. Every gambler has a specific ritual. In the lines that follow, we’ll present you with the most popular beliefs you can use to persuade Lady Luck to sit at your table. We can’t guarantee it’ll work 100%, but at least you can give it a whirl.

Colored Underwear

Chinese culture is famous for its superstitious beliefs, from feng shui to colors. Everything has its meaning and purpose. According to their culture, red and green are the lucky colors. Each has its unique meaning. 


You’ll often notice red as a predominant color during many festivals and other important events. People wear red during celebratory events, including weddings. Even during the Chinese New Year, people will often put money in red envelopes as a gift. First and foremost, red represents luck. Secondly, many believe this color brings good fortune, beauty, success, and happiness. 


This color is typically associated with regeneration, fertility, and the most critical – wealth and growth. Thus, you can often see Chinese banks; restaurants often painted in this color. Green also represents cleanliness and purity. 

How To Use It

Instead of asking someone to wish you break a leg (we never know their true intentions), try wearing something in these colors—for instance, red underwear and yellow shoes. Or on cold days, you can have a red hat and yellow scarf. Let them be your casino lucky charms. 

The Gamblers’ Abstinence

This is a superstition that few of them like. It is believed that not having such physical activity before casino and sports gambling events can bring you luck. Some great sportsmen practice this. They do that to avoid sapping the energy before the game. When it comes to gambling, some believe that luck in bed can run down your luck in the casino. 

How To Use It

Well, it’s pretty self-explanatory. If you find it difficult to follow this ritual, try the above mentioned example. Yellow pants and red socks, for instance, will most definitely help you with this one. 

Rabbit’s Foot 

Many beliefs are associated with a particular part of the rabbit’s body. Thus, it is challenging to determine the origins of this ritual. Nevertheless, there are many descriptive stories about the rabbit’s foot. Back in the day, when people believed they were animal descendants, some tribes would wear a rabbit’s foot, thinking it would protect them from evil. 

The ritual stuck with Britain and the US. Namely, people believe it’s good luck if they say “rabbit rabbit rabbit” on the first day of the month. 

How To Use It

Many punters wear a rabbit’s foot as their casino lucky charms. You can order some online or visit brick-and-mortar clothing stores. Keep it in your pocket, it will bring you good fortune and protect you when gambling online

Lucky Penny

Many believe finding a coin on the street brings good luck. However, it is supposed to be face up. If face down, you should probably avoid picking it up. Anyway, you can increase the coin’s luck further by soaking it in tomato sauce, then mixing it with spaghetti. In all seriousness, only tomato sauce. Because it’ll help you scrub it until it shines. 

How To Use It

Keep it close to yourself all the time. You can try rubbing it a bit when you feel out of luck. For good luck. 

Cat’s Eye Gem

Rabbits aren’t the only ones on the gamblers’ superstition beliefs. Cats’ eyes have also been associated with bringing people good fortune. It is believed that a cat’s eyes ward you against evil. Moreover, they can protect you from harmful things. Also, such Gems guard your wealth, make your business stable and reduce your money loss. As such, Cat’s Eye Gems can represent an integral part of your bankroll management. At least to some extent. You should also have a good bankroll strategy. 

How To Use It

Keep them close to yourself when playing. You can put gems in your pocket or wallet. Let them protect you from the evil gods of losing streaks

Casino Lucky Charms: Dala Horse

The origins of the Swedish Dala Horse bring us back to 1716. Swedish soldiers carved wooden toy horses and handed them to kids as a gift to survive the winter. In return, kids’ mothers would treat the soldiers to a warm bowl of soup and shelter. 

Moving on to the present, Dala Horses represent dignity, wisdom, and strength. Also, they symbolize luck and good fortune.  

How To Use It

Carrying the horse figurine with you while visiting land-based casinos may cause you to look weird to other people. Thus, we recommend you use this lucky charm while gambling online, as it will be a perfect accessory to your home. 

If you need help searching for the right virtual operator, visit Such sources can save you from the legwork and help you find the perfect online casino. 

Final Thoughts

People have always believed in something greater than us. The concept of luck helps gamblers to justify their winnings and losses. As a result, people turn to various objects and superstition rituals to weather the storm when needed. They believe casino lucky charms can carry them from rags to riches. Although there are no guarantees such beliefs work, they indeed help people by providing them with the necessary confidence boost. Even if that’s the case, it’s good enough for us. 

You can find the most common rituals and beliefs in the lines above. Test them out and see if they’ll work. Or you can find something you believe will bring you good fortune. As long as you feel comfortable at the table, everything is acceptable. Well, almost everything. In the end, before you choose your lucky charm, don’t forget to select the best online casino. 

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