Lillian Plays It Cool as Diana Marua Disses Her Romance With Governor Mutua

December 2, 2021

Former Machakos First Lady Lillian Ng’an’ga has chosen to be unproblematic after Diana Marua took a direct dig at her failed relationship with Governor Alfred Mutua.

Marua, who launched her rap career this past weekend, threw shade at Ng’ang’a and Mutua, referring to their affair as ‘mapenzi ya kifala’.

“Wanaosema tutaachana, sidanganyi watangoja sana, yetu si ya konde boy na Kajala…mapenzi za kujienjoy za kifala, ama kama Lillian na gavana, vita za Chris Brown na Rihanna… Bahati na Marua tamu kama halua…” Diana rapped in her debut song ‘Hatutaachana’.

A section of internet users had hoped this would be enough to offend Lillian Ng’ang’a but the former county first lady threw them a curveball by encouraging Diana Marua.

“Each of us can be anything we want to be. Diana Marua, be all that you can be! All of it.” Lillian wrote on her IG stories.


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