Top Presidential Candidates Applaud Kenden Limited Founder as a Kenyan Economic Champion

November 26, 2021

As Presidential candidates continue to traverse the country in search of votes and a ticket to the House on the Hill, one thing remains constant in all their political rallies – improving Kenyans’ livelihoods by connecting more and more Kenyans to good roads and most definitely, lighting up all parts of Kenya .

Electricity has been a key component of the health and economy of any Country and especially Kenya where millions use power to run their businesses, study, stay safe in the night streets, run huge industries and light up villages.

KENDEN LIMITED is an electrical sales, supplies and services company that should be lauded by political hotshots as one of the most formidable and effecient electrical firms in the Country busy servicing Kenyans to power, lighting homes and streets and maintaining a smooth running economy.

Kenden Limited is also an electrical certified contractor with Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (Class A1) and National Construction Authority (Class 4).

Experienced in modular building installations, contracting, electrical maintenance and Installations, Kenden Limited has made a mark and left an indelible mark in the Kenyan electrical world.

Kenden, launched in 2017, has now moved with speed to cover major facets of the electrical sphere, encompassing all the major electrical needs with an experienced personnel ready to provide timely and waterproof services at the shortest notice.

Kenden Limited’s clientele has evolved exponentially over the last five or so years to include factories, airports, hospitals, hotels, schools, churches and other major national institutions.

“We have developed expertise in maintenance contracts for large industrial installations and have years of experience in this field, always ready to partner with you for your next project to ensure a thorough, professional electrical installation is achieved ,” Jack Omulo, Kenden’s Operations Manager, says.

“We also provide a variety of electrical installation options and our expert team of electrician’s works to the highest level of standards. Also providing our customers with regular preventive maintenance services, series of checks and tests within a property and also making recommendations to avoid any unnecessary downtime, ” he adds.

Kenden Limited’s list of services include Installation and Maintenance of Generators, Automatic Change Over Installations, Domestic Electric installation, Industrial Electric Installations and also Street Light Installations.

They have also worked with some of the biggest companies and corporations in Kenya including Safaricom, Oilibya, Coffee Inn, Coca Cola, BambaNet and Vista Windows Limited and are now busy installing incinerators at Machakos’ EPZ plant.

The company also undertakes huge tasks that see them inspect and rectify any faulty power lines, cables and connections at large-scale residential estates like Jacaranda Estate and others.

A world with no access to electricity is a world doomed to fail and with Kenden Limited at the helm of powering the nation, the Country can only shine brighter.

Check out their website for more information.

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