State of the Economy: 560 Judiciary Jobs Attract 60,000 Applicants… So Far

November 5, 2021

If you needed further reminding that the Kenyan economy is in an extremely dire state, hear this.

The Judiciary advertised for 560 positions, and has received over 60,000 applications so far. There are still 5 days remaining to make that number 100 or so thousand.

Despite this high number of applicants, The Judiciary is encouraging more Kenyans to apply, as the recruitment window is not yet closed. Chief Justice Martha Koome however warned that applicants could experience difficulties accessing the system, due to congestion caused by high traffic.

“Consequently, the Commission has resolved to extend the application window to mitigate against these challenges and to give every Kenyan a fair opportunity to be considered for these positions,” said Justice Koome.

The positions advertised include: 500 court assistants, 30 drivers, 10 charge hands, 4 superintendents of works, 2 senior clerks, 1 senior public affairs & corporate communications officer, 1 senior civil engineer, 1 senior electrical engineer and 1 senior draughtsman.

This is just the latest employment offer that has attracted way more Kenyans than is even feasible for staff to sift through. It is the clearest sign that majority of Kenyans are either unemployed, or unsatisfied in their current jobs.

According to KNBS data from the first quarter of 2021,  1.23 million out of the total of 2.49 million jobless Kenyans aged between 15 and 64 have totally given up on finding employment and are thus not actively looking for such opportunities.

The majority of those who have given up are between the age of 20 and 29.

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