Maribe’s Sister: Eric Omondi Refused To Foot The Bill for a DNA Test

November 4, 2021

In the continuing saga between Jacque Maribe and Eric Omondi, plus other supporting cast, the journalist’s sister has entered the chat.

Cathylene Maribe has called out Eric for continuing to peddle lies. She was particularly furious that the comedian publicly claimed that Maribe was dating fellow journalist Sam Ogina.

If you recall, Omondi claimed that he hooked up with Jacque for a one night stand, at a time when she was dating Ogina.

Maribe’s sister says that is completely false, as the two have never dated.

“Yaani @ericomondi …..u still want to peddle lies? First of all my sister has never dated Sam,” she posted on Facebook.

She also called out Omondi for another of his claim. The comedian stated that he was denied an opportunity to prove that the child is his through a DNA test. He argued that this is the reason he had not taken responsibility, since he was suspicious all along as to whether he was the biological father.

However, Cathylene dissects this argument, claiming that Eric has never been denied a DNA test. She says that the comedian bailed on it when he was told that he would be footing the bill for the test, lawyer’s fee and most importantly, the child’s upkeep if it was a match.

“What DNA.? When u were given letters from the lawyer for upkeep what happened after u found out if it’s a match u incur the costs…lawyers fees and upkeep from when the baby was born till hio siku….u ran. .. sasa ukona mdomo ya kupiga huku kila Mahali because ua little stunt to ambush Jay backfired. Mimi nayo Ujue I’m zero to 100 real quick when u come for my sister . Staki upuzi,” she wrote.

Following this public wash of dirty lines, Omondi has since stated that he will support the child, DNA test or not. It remains to be seen if he will honour that promise.

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