Kabi wa Jesus Unveils Daughter Abby wa Jesus

November 24, 2021

There’s a new member of the Wa Jesus vlogging family.

This after YouTuber, Peter Kabi aka Kabi WaJesus, unveiled his daughter Abby wa Jesus on social media.

Kabi was Jesus also introduced Abby was Jesus to the public in a 4-minutes video shared on his YouTube channel.

“Adorable and emotional as we welcome Abby WaJesus to the Wajesus family/first date with daddy,” Kabi captioned the video.

In an Instagram post, Kabi noted, “So excited my daughter Abby finally joins our online family.”

The vlogger also noted that his first date with Abby was Jesus was the best day of his life.

“My baby girl @abbywakabiwajesus it was also the best day of my life 🥰🥰 looking forward to this and more,” he said.

Kabi’s wife Milly WaJesus also put out a post on Instagram, writing: “Aren’t they just adorable 🥰 @abbywakabiwajesus and @kabiwajesus 🥰🥰🥰#LoveWins#marriageworks #NiJesus”

The Wa Jesus couple also opened an Instagram account for Abby, which amassed more than 7400 followers in about five hours.

The reveal comes months after it emerged that Kabi sired Abby with his cousin. The vlogger had initially vehemently denied the claims and insisted that the kid was his niece.

He would later accept responsibility after DNA results confirmed he is the father.

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